Healthy salads

I’m into greens lately, both vegetables and greenish ceramics. Firstly, I found this great book that has 250 healthy and quick salads. The dishes are arranged by season and don’t take more than 20 minutes preparation time. Thank you! There are also dozens of tips given for dressings. David Bez, a graphic designer in London, made the book. He’s known for “the guy who sexed up salad”. Well, I leave that for you to decide. Here you can read how he ended up making a book about salads.

Cabbage shaped ceramics

Secondly, one of my latest flea market finds are two cabbage shaped bowls. They’re probably from the seventies but the lady who sold them to me classified them as antique. Who knows… The Portuguese manufacturer still makes them and unfortunately there are some fake ones in production too. I also saw some lovely ceramic sardines on their website. And let’s be honest, greens and fish are a very healthy combination… I feel a new collection coming up.

Have a happy middle of the week!

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I have great memories of San Francisco. Four years ago I made an amazing trip along the West Coast with my heartmate. Starting point was SF and after three weeks I was very pleased to end my trip right where we started it. We stayed in a wonderful old wooden house in the Haight-Ashbury district.

A transformation that worked out well

Surfing the web I found this complete remodel of a Victorian house in San Francisco. Only the front façade of the house was kept intact. Behind it lies a modern house in a palette of greys, white, steel and glass, with occasional pops of colour and some vintage stuff. Just the way I like it.

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Vintage ceramics | Whiteboxliving

Besides a modest collection of white ceramic vases, I’ve been collecting some other varieties over the years. West German Pottery (WGP) is one of my favorites and easy to buy. However, the fun part of course, is to spot that special copy on a flea market or thrift shop and get it for a reasonable price. At least I think so. Because it’s Sunday, I’ll leave you now with my small collection of vintage ceramics because I’m off to a car boot sale. I’ll keep you posted about my vintage finds.

Have a happy Sunday!

Planning on going to Arnhem? Stay at Modez Fashion Hotel, full stop. It’s located in the heart of the fashion district, only 10 minutes away from the city centre. Studio Piet Paris devised the hotel concept, designed the logo and is responsible for the art direction. Thirty Dutch (fashion) designers came up with surprising concepts that characterize their style and in addition all the rooms. I think it worked out very well and reminded me of my stay at Hotel Fox in Copenhagen.

Choose your room
On the website you can have a look at each room before you book. We had the pleasure of staying in a room designed by Antoine Peters. He made a contemporary version of patchwork and filled the room with QR codes. Turns out, if you scan the codes you’re in for a kinky surprise…

Take your time
Modez has a very special elevator: you can stop it at any given moment and enjoy the tiny museum you’ve actually entered. Wanna see other rooms? Check out the website. Or even better; just stay at Modez and enjoy good design. You won’t regret it, full stop.

PS: Are you in to fashion and photography? Coming Thursday Piet Paris will be opening the exhibition ‘Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next’ at Foam.

Left picture by Eva Broekema all others © Whiteboxliving

Thank you | Bedankt

Dear fans and friends of Whiteboxliving, thank you ever so much for your support and votes during the last week. Or in Dutch: Bedankt! Unfortunately I didn’t win the blog contest but I do feel like a winner: I’ve received heart-warming responses from all over the world, my Fanpage on Facebook is doing great and in general people seem to like what I post and share. A special thank you to my heartmate and parents who have campaigned like crazy for me. I love you guys! Stay tuned for more posts about interior, vintage finds and my travels.

Thanks again, you rock!


Get into the mood

Newsflash: I’m one of the three finalists of the Villa ArenA Blog Event. You’re looking at my last assignment. Our job is to create a mood board for the courtyard of Villa ArenA. No limitations, except for the fact that I have to show all the wonderful items you can buy at Villa ArenA in the theme I’ve chosen. Well, that’s easy! ;-) In my fantasy there will be a tree house you can actually go into, surrounded by lots of trees and ferns. You can feel the moss and an occasional drizzle. That would be something!

My happy place

Spending some time in a tree house is definitely on my bucket list. I have a strong feeling it can easily be my new happy place to spend lots and lots of time. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, into the serenity and calm of the forest. Just the sound of birds, the rustling wind through leaves, the smell of wood and the occasional meet and greet with a deer or squirrel. Okay take a breath Marvin! It’s quite something to take in, especially for a city boy like me. I mean my shampoo smells like a forest, that’s about it. So let’s go into the woods! Are you with me?

Who will become the first Villa ArenA blogger?

Who will become the winner is up to you. Voting starts on the 23rd of June until the 30thGo to this webpage to vote. On the 1st of July we’ll know who the winner is. PS: you have to leave your e-mail address before you can vote but Villa ArenA has assured me they will only e-mail you once with the result of the contest. So without any further ado… Vote for me! Vote for me! Just curious: what’s your happy place? Meanwhile, have a happy Sunday into the woods!

All photo’s are ©Whiteboxliving. Photo of tree house via

It’s Throwback Thursday, so without any hesitation I can dwell in a feeling of nostalgia. This Thursday I’ll take you back to 2009, to an amazing journey I had on the West Coast of the USA. First photo: Death Valley (very, very hot), second: Santa Cruz and last: Los Padres National Forrest. The west coast is definitely in my top three of favorite destinations.
What’s yours?

Have a happy Thursday!

Vintage furniture and accessories

Are you a vintage vulture like me? Then you already have one good reason to visit Villa Arena. It is home to approximately 50 stores and some very fine vintage furniture and accessories. Shh, don’t tell anyone just yet. Go! Score some nice objects and then tell your friends what a lovely shopping experience you’ve discovered. Tip: check especially the following shops for vintage MijnWoonwinkel, ART District and Woonfabriek. Want to have a meet and greet online first? Just check out this blog post to get a first impression. And I hereby do apologies for the shameless self-promotion.

A day at the mall

Okay, not a vintage vulture? Don’t worry; there are plenty more reasons left for you to drop by. Heck, you can easily spend an entire day at Villa Arena. Got any kids? Drop them off for free at the professional playground. A day without kids: maybe a very good reason for some? Next stop: treat yourself to a day of shopping for your home, inspiration, coffee, a sandwich, more coffee and finish it off with an ice cream: have a ball!

Who will be the winner?

Seriously, I’ve been competing with nine lovely ladies in a contest to become the best Villa Arena blogger and spent a lot of time gazing through my lens to get the best shots cause let me tell you; the competition is severe. My point is: I saw a lot of beautiful things through my lens. So, take your time, it will pay off; you’ll find treasures if not an entire new kitchen. Full stop. By the way, this was already reason number 4 I believe.

On a personal note

This competition was just what I needed to get me back on track with my blog. It gave me a fresh start; I set some goals for the coming year and made a few changes (more to come). In a way I’m already a winner. Though, I wouldn’t mind getting through to the next round. Thanks to a bunch off inspiring Dutch bloggers and Villa ArenA.

Have a happy middle of the week!

Whenever I visit Hamburg I always spend an entire day at Sternschanze. It’s a small district west of Hamburg but it has everything you need for a delightful day: amazing shops, good coffee, great food and very nice street art. At least, I like to think so. Above: a collage of photographs I took during several trips to Hamburg. There’s much more street art in Sternschanze but I think you’ll just have to check it out yourself. While your there, don’t forget to visit Minimarkt, a tiny department store with lots of goodies. Have fun!


Arena Boulevard 166-194 | 1101 DJ Amsterdam
T 020-311 86 30 | F 020-311 86 31

Maandag | 13:00 – 17:30 uur
Dinsdag en woensdag | 10:00 – 17:30 uur
Donderdag | 10:00 – 21:00 uur
Vrijdag en zaterdag | 10:00 – 17:30 uur
Zondag | 11:00 – 17:00 uur

Optimist by Hans Bollinger

During my last trip to Hamburg my good friend M saw on his way to work a flea market around the corner from his house. I went straight away to Eppendorf to find a very cosy flea market. Good thing he texted me because I’m now the proud owner of two ‘Optimists’ designed by Hans Bolling (in cooperation with Orskov & Co). Aren’t they a lovely pair? However, the original pair actually exists of a Pessimist and Optimist inspired by his co-workers, who were like night and day, yin and yang, truly exact opposites. He probably designed them in the late 50s or early 60s and they are both made of teak wood, rope and rabbit fur.

Danish design
Hans Bolling might ring a bell, or two… He’s best known for his Duck and Duckling. “In spring 1959 during a busy day in Frederiksberg, Denmark, a police officer stopped the traffic to let a Duck family pass. All Danish newspapers published a photo of the ducks and inspired by the charming duck family, Hans Bolling hence designed the Duck and Duckling.” The ducks will be my next objective. But for now, I’ll enjoy some optimistic gonks in my house.

Have a happy week!


Het is al door menig historicus, theoloog, econoom of ondernemer gezegd: we leven in een overgangsperiode. Op sociaal, economisch en politiek gebied zijn er grote onzekerheden. Wat hierna komt valt te raden… Lideweij Edelkoort heeft het over een renaissance en Hilde Roothart over een restart. We kijken vooral terug op ons rijke verleden, nemen al het goede daarvan mee en incorporeren dit in de toekomst. “Wie de verbinding kan maken tussen verleden en toekomst is ook in staat om zich opnieuw uit te vinden.” Op dit moment zijn er drie trends te onderscheiden:

Hergebruik (mooie dingen van afval)
Ontwerpster Nienke van de Meulen maakt prachtige tassen en portemonnees van oude bankstellen. Geschikt materiaal voor haar producten ligt letterlijk op straat. Gewapend met een stanleymes vilt ze binnen no time een bank en heeft ze het basismateriaal voor haar producten. In de vertaling van hergebruik en duurzaamheid naar woonproducten zien we een voorkeur voor eerlijk materiaal zoals (oud- en drijf) hout, leer en riet. Ambachtelijke technieken staan centraal maar worden ingelijfd door nieuwe technieken en ideeën over recycling. Goed voorbeeld: digitale prints van ambachtelijk gevlochten rieten stoelzittingen komen terug als zachte kussenhoes. Legerkisten zijn getransformeerd in salontafels en brancards worden pronkrek.

Eclectisch (combineren van tegenstellingen)
Economische groei gaat samen met een duurzame samenleving. Globalisering én regionalisering. Individualisering maar ook behoefte aan geborgenheid. Meer dan ooit zijn we ons bewust van snelheid, meervoudigheid, tegenstrijdigheid en complexiteit. Hierdoor worden keuzes minder makkelijk. De trend is dan ook niet kiezen, maar combineren. En door te combineren ontstaat er een nieuwe balans. Vandaar het eclecticisme, ofwel het combineren van kenmerken van verschillende stijlen of stromingen. Klassiek ontmoet modern, vintage ontmoet technologie. En naast vergrijsde tinten en pastels keren High Definition-kleuren als rood en blauw langzamerhand terug.

La mer (zeven tinten zeegroen)
We zagen vergrijsd zeegroen (blauw-groen) al in het winterbeeld, nu is er ‘Hemlock’ een lichte rustige groene kleur in het kleurenpallet van Pantone of ‘Teal’, volgens Flexa. Als je er goed op let kom je deze door designers veel gebruikte kleur overal tegen: in commercials, print media, kleding en ja, dus ook in woonproducten. Niet zo gek dat zeegroen is uitgeroepen tot trendkleur van 2014. Bovendien past zeegroen perfect in het tijdsbeeld omschreven in de eerste alinea: als een van de elementaire symbolen is de zee ambivalent, omdat het enerzijds leven en vruchtbaarheid schenkt, anderzijds verzinken en ondergang vertegenwoordigt.

Met dank aan: Decokay van Wees, Houweling Interieur, Woonwinkel De Tafelaar, Beter Bed, Cook&Co, Sanders Meubelstad, Nano Interieur en Lederland.

QueenieMeet Queenie, a Persian cat who lived with my great-aunt Martje in New York. She adored her so much that she made a real live size copy of her precious cat. I’m not sure when Queenie made the big trip to Europe. Anyhow, she ended up with my great-aunt Poppie, who passed away last January. Queenie lives with us now, enjoying an occasional late afternoon sun. Most of my friends find her hideous, but I don’t care. She’s special, just like the people who took care of her.

Have a good week!




When going to London, do visit Old Spitalfields Market. If you‘re a vintage vulture like me, Thursday is probably your best day. It definitely was for me. I’m now the proud owner of a cookie jar made by Hornsea Pottery and I’m straightaway a big fan of them. My jar is one from 1973 in the Brown Heirloom design by John Clappison. It’s a very nice graphic design with a black underlayment. I’m not quit sure how it was done but the effect is stunning, don’t you think?

PS: Cookies were harmed during the making of this production. They were brutally crushed accompanied by an excruciating sound but all eaten with much love and a cuppa joe.

It’s the night before King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day) and there‘s a certain tension in the air. Since my favorite colour is orange you might think I would be out and about fully dressed in this perfect colour with a fitting crown. But alas, I’m packing my bags and I’m on my way to serenity, at least I hope so. I’ll be butt naked on King’s Day enjoying a wellness retreat.
To accompany this pure feeling of relaxation I’m going to share a nice still live from our former apartment with you. Have a great easy peasy weekend!


Just a quick post about London. Or to be more precise: about the exhibition ‘Hello, my name is Paul Smith’ in the design museum. If you’re in London, go and see it! It’s a wonderful tribute to a great designer and his work. A part from some nice pieces of clothing, a mini cooper and his first shop back in 1970 you’ll see a lot of images. Mister Smith gets his inspiration from all sorts of pictures and photographs a lot himself. For all you visually oriented people out there, don’t miss out on this one.

robin whiteboxliving
robin 2D whiteboxlivingSpring is in the air and that means we can open our garden doors again. Nothing beats a cup of coffee in the morning on the front porch. Big bonus: a flute concert by birds of all sorts. We have the most exotic varieties in our garden: jay, hawk and green budgerigars. But unfortunately, I haven’t spotted a robin yet. What to do? You just paste a 2D version made by KEK on your wall and put a porcelain (vintage) version of Goebel on the table. Big advantage: instant ‘nature’ and our cat can sleep uninterrupted because these birds don’t move. Everyone happy.

Have a happy middle of the week!

Piet Klerkx collectie
Piet Klerkx collectie
Piet Klerkx collectieDat je alle gerenommeerde designmerken bij Piet Klerkx kunt vinden, wisten we al. Of dan weet je het nu. Linteloo, Moooi, Artifort… ze hebben het. Wat je wellicht niet wist is dat ze een eigen collectie hebben. “Deze vier units met meubels hebben we net gerealiseerd”, vertelt de storemanager mij terwijl ik een muur inspecteer. Hij ziet me denken. “Het is kalkverf, mooi hè?” Ik kan het alleen maar beamen en zie mijn nieuwe slaapkamer al voor me in deze fraaie kleur. Goed gekozen ook, want de eigen collectie banken, stoelen en divan in pasteltinten komt mooi uit tegen het doorleefde grijs van de wanden. Ik ben zelf op zoek naar een nieuwe boekenkast en laat me graag uitleggen wat zo speciaal is aan die van Piet Klerkx. “Je kijkt naar vier kasten maar eigenlijk zie je maar twee varianten. Omdat we twee kasten hebben omgedraaid krijg je deze afwisseling.” Slim! “Naar eigen inzicht kun je deurtjes in diverse houtsoorten en in wit plaatsen. En de levertijd is betrekkelijk kort, geen tussenpersonen, we hebben direct contact met de timmerman/houthandel.” Terwijl ik foto’s maak verontschuldigt de storemanager zich: “Het moet nog afgestijld worden, dat gebeurt de komende week.” Geen probleem, ik heb zelf ook geen afgestijld huis, veel te saai.

You probably know that you can find all renowned designer brands at Piet Klerkx. Or now you know. Linteloo, Moooi, Artifort… you name it. What you may not know is that they have their own collection. “We just realized these four units with furniture,” says the store manager to me while I inspect a wall. “It’s lime paint, nice huh?” I can only agree and already see my new bedroom in this beautiful colour. The weathered grey walls are well chosen for their collection sofas, chairs and settees in pastel shades. I’m looking for a new bookcase and the store manager explains happily to me why theirs so special. “You’re looking at four cabinets, but actually you only see two variations. Because we have reversed two cabinets you get this variety.” Smart thinking! Big plus: “You can select doors in any kind of wood or just plain white. The delivery time is relatively short, no middlemen, we are in close contact with the carpenter/timber trader.” While I’m taking pictures the store manager apologizes to me: “It needs some finishing touches, a stylist will come in next week.” No problem, my own home isn’t styled either, too boring.


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