Elisabeth Sanatorium | Photo Marvin Kolk

Liefde voor lelijkheid

Verlaten gebouwen in Berlijn hebben iets magisch. Op zowel internet (check vooral als in boeken zag ik fraaie ...

Markthal Rotterdam | Photo Marvin Kolk

Markthal Rotterdam

Stockholm, Barcelona, Valencia, Copenhagen. Almost every large city has one: an indoor food market. And since October 2014 we can add ...

Dieter Braun Wildlife

Illustrator Dieter Braun launches new book about wildlife

Sharp observation and humorous storytelling Illustrator Dieter Braun recently introduced his new wildlife book: ‘Die Welt der wilden ...

De Bijbel in 1001 blokjes | Brendan Powell Smith
April 9th, 2015 | BOOKS, ILLUSTRATION

De Bijbel in 1001 blokjes

Hij is er: de Nederlandse vertaling van de Bijbel in 1001 blokjes. Hoewel ik geen LEGO®- of religieus fanaat ben maar wel een liefhebber van Deens design, moet ik dit wonderlijke stripverhaal toch even onder je aandacht brengen. Het is ...

Happy Easter | Photo Marvin Kolk
April 5th, 2015 | CERAMICS

Vrolijk Pasen | Happy Easter | Frohe Ostern

Vrolijk Pasen | Happy Easter | Frohe

Hair trends for spring 2015 | Photo Marvin Kolk
March 15th, 2015 | INTERIOR

Hair trends for spring 2015

Looking at the hair trends for spring 2015, I do get envious sometimes. And we’re talking about hair trends for men, just so you know. I even have recurrent dreams about my new hairdo. Strange, I wonder what that is about? I just turned 45, ...

Berlin in Hipstamatic | Photo by Marvin Kolk
February 25th, 2015 | TRAVEL

Introducing my new business card and Fiverr

I’m proud to show you my Whiteboxliving business card. Kinda cool, don’t you think? A young graphic designer in Colombia designed it for me. And here’s where I introduce to you Fiverr. A marketplace for services. Founder Micha Kaufman ...

Catherine Nelson | Dusk
February 5th, 2015 | ILLUSTRATION, TRAVEL

It’s a small world

Okay, I admit it; I’m a lover of miniature worlds. And I’m not going to use this blog post to analyse this extensively. Nor showing you pictures of my huge train collection. Insert chuckle here. I’m probably a hopeless romantic that wants to ...