Tableware by Dols & Martens for Serax

You might know that I’m a big fan of ceramics. Tableware, vases, coffee mugs, you name it. Vintage or brand new, it doesn’t matter. Subsequently, our house contains now three large cabinets filled with tableware that I mostly picked up on flea markets. I’ve actually reached a point that I can only buy a new piece when one other leaves the house. Insert chuckle here.

Greenish ceramics

I always find a way fooling myself that I really need a certain piece, or pieces. Lately I’m smitten by greenish ceramics that have an earthy feel about them. Earlier I wrote about a color trend called La mer (seven shades of green) and I’m quite happy that Serax has a new range of tableware exactly in that color and come to think of it, I actually need six dinner plates… oh, and bowls too. And while we’re at it, small plates are also rather useful.

Serax | Whiteboxliving

Earthy colors

Designers Dols & Martens: ‘The serving set is inspired by the purest of sources, nature, and the characteristics of the material, simple and using traditional methods. Earthy colors and forms invite the user to invent surprising compositions, again and again.’ Prices range from €7,99 for a small bowl up to €29,95 for an oval dish. That’s alright, I might just going to sell some of my ceramics to finally make room for a complete set… or buy a new cabinet.

Have a happy day!

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