Ah, Berlin. I think I’m going to move to this great city. What a wonderful week it has been. We spend hours in a cd store listening to music (bought this fab CD of the musical Ich war noch niemals in New York), ate the best Döner in town, went to a Gay Beach Party in the city centre, saw a great documentary in Kino International, spend three days strolling on flea markets and scored some pretty amazing vases. But the best part is perhaps that the weather was on our side and coloured the city even more beautiful then it already is.

We spoke to artist Bert van Wijk (great work by the way) who moved to Berlin after living several years in South America. “I could have gone back to the Netherlands, to Amsterdam, but after spending so many years abroad I figured it could be any city in Europe. Luckily I chose Berlin and haven’t regret it since.” I can’t blame him.

Have a happy middle of the week!

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