I managed to get my hands on a Colani elephant in Berlin. I’m very happy with it. Mister Luigi Colani is supposed to be the original designer of this money-box for the Dresner bank back in the 60’s. But rumour goes that isn’t true at all. Well, that don’t make no never mind, I just like the design, full stop. For all I know, it was his really unappreciated assistant who made this wonderful design and mister Colani is just a big fart that took the credit for it. Leaving his young and unappreciated assistant penniless. I can see it now, the young and handsome assistant, let’s call him Pedro, making a doodle late at night after hours at his drawing table and leaving it there for the sinister Luigi to find the next morning. He refines it, then claiming it, and, and… Shameless, shameless, I say…
Okay, miss Marple, breathe in and breathe out and take the rest of the day off.

Have a sunny Sunday!

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  1. whiteboxliving schreef:

    Thanks! I’m still hoping to find a plastic one on a flea market, but I’m afraid a have to turn to E-bay for those. I had a peak at your blog; like your style and vintage findings a lot.

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