It’s all about the details, someone wise once said. I have to agree. Looking at something up close followed by taking a step back can give a totally different meaning to what you see. Yes I know, it’s kinda obvious, but still. That’s why I probably immediately go for the complementary chocolate on my temporary pillow in a hotel where I’m staying instead of checking the entire room first.

Anyway… It’s not often I order a book online, because the number of pages you can look at are logically brought down to a few. But hey, sometimes you have to live dangerously. Don’t you agree?
I ordered the book: Detaljer Hemma (Details at home) by Annika Huett and Ulf Huett Nilsson. It turned out wonderfully: great book, great buy, nice details!
The couple explored Sweden from north to south and stopped at unique homes, peeking into room after room, and discovered that almost anything can be a fascinating detail. If you’re a bit of a nitpicker like I am this is the book for you. Come on, live dangerously and order some details!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy end of the week!

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