Illustrator Dieter Braun launches new book about wildlife


Sharp observation and humorous storytelling

Illustrator Dieter Braun recently introduced his new wildlife book: ‘Die Welt der wilden Tiere – Im Süden’. Want! According to his publisher, Mister Braun travelled around the globe to study animals up close. Well… it paid off.
With his sharp observation and his humorous storytelling he managed to capture the animals of the Southern Hemisphere in stunning pictures. I have a soft spot for illustration with a graphic design feel to it. And Dieter Braun convinces with his attention to detail and ravishing color palette. Unquestionably on my wish list for Christmas. Oh, you’re not into books? No worries, you can buy posters as well to turn your living space into a small Zoo.

Dieter Braun Wildlife

Dieter Braun Wildlife

Dieter Braun WildlifeHave a happy Sunday!



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