Into the woods!

Get into the mood

Newsflash: I’m one of the three finalists of the Villa ArenA Blog Event. You’re looking at my last assignment. Our job is to create a mood board for the courtyard of Villa ArenA. No limitations, except for the fact that I have to show all the wonderful items you can buy at Villa ArenA in the theme I’ve chosen. Well, that’s easy! ;-) In my fantasy there will be a tree house you can actually go into, surrounded by lots of trees and ferns. You can feel the moss and an occasional drizzle. That would be something!

My happy place

Spending some time in a tree house is definitely on my bucket list. I have a strong feeling it can easily be my new happy place to spend lots and lots of time. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, into the serenity and calm of the forest. Just the sound of birds, the rustling wind through leaves, the smell of wood and the occasional meet and greet with a deer or squirrel. Okay take a breath Marvin! It’s quite something to take in, especially for a city boy like me. I mean my shampoo smells like a forest, that’s about it. So let’s go into the woods! Are you with me?

Who will become the first Villa ArenA blogger?

Who will become the winner is up to you. Voting starts on the 23rd of June until the 30thGo to this webpage to vote. On the 1st of July we’ll know who the winner is. PS: you have to leave your e-mail address before you can vote but Villa ArenA has assured me they will only e-mail you once with the result of the contest. So without any further ado… Vote for me! Vote for me! Just curious: what’s your happy place? Meanwhile, have a happy Sunday into the woods!

All photo’s are ©Whiteboxliving. Photo of tree house via

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