It’s easy being green

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Healthy salads

I’m into greens lately, both vegetables and greenish ceramics. Firstly, I found this great book that has 250 healthy and quick salads. The dishes are arranged by season and don’t take more than 20 minutes preparation time. Thank you! There are also dozens of tips given for dressings. David Bez, a graphic designer in London, made the book. He’s known for “the guy who sexed up salad”. Well, I leave that for you to decide. Here you can read how he ended up making a book about salads.

Cabbage shaped ceramics

Secondly, one of my latest flea market finds are two green cabbage shaped bowls. They’re probably from the seventies but the lady who sold them to me classified them as antique. Who knows… The Portuguese manufacturer still makes them and unfortunately there are some fake ones in production too. I also saw some lovely ceramic sardines on their website. And let’s be honest, greens and fish are a very healthy combination… I feel a new collection coming up.

Have a happy middle of the week!

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