Modez Fashion Hotel

Planning on going to Arnhem? Stay at Modez Fashion Hotel, full stop. It’s located in the heart of the fashion district, only 10 minutes away from the city centre. Studio Piet Paris devised the hotel concept, designed the logo and is responsible for the art direction. Thirty Dutch (fashion) designers came up with surprising concepts that characterize their style and in addition all the rooms. I think it worked out very well and reminded me of my stay at Hotel Fox in Copenhagen.

Choose your room
On the website you can have a look at each room before you book. We had the pleasure of staying in a room designed by Antoine Peters. He made a contemporary version of patchwork and filled the room with QR codes. Turns out, if you scan the codes you’re in for a kinky surprise…

Take your time
Modez has a very special elevator: you can stop it at any given moment and enjoy the tiny museum you’ve actually entered. Wanna see other rooms? Check out the website. Or even better; just stay at Modez and enjoy good design. You won’t regret it, full stop.

PS: Are you in to fashion and photography? Coming Thursday Piet Paris will be opening the exhibition ‘Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next’ at Foam.

Left picture by Eva Broekema all others © Whiteboxliving

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