Two wooden optimists

Optimist by Hans Bollinger

During my last trip to Hamburg my good friend M saw on his way to work a flea market around the corner from his house. I went straight away to Eppendorf to find a very cosy flea market. Good thing he texted me because I’m now the proud owner of two ‘Optimists’ designed by Hans Bolling (in cooperation with Orskov & Co). Aren’t they a lovely pair? However, the original pair actually exists of a Pessimist and Optimist inspired by his co-workers, who were like night and day, yin and yang, truly exact opposites. He probably designed them in the late 50s or early 60s and they are both made of teak wood, rope and rabbit fur.

Danish design
Hans Bolling might ring a bell, or two… He’s best known for his Duck and Duckling. “In spring 1959 during a busy day in Frederiksberg, Denmark, a police officer stopped the traffic to let a Duck family pass. All Danish newspapers published a photo of the ducks and inspired by the charming duck family, Hans Bolling hence designed the Duck and Duckling.” The ducks will be my next objective. But for now, I’ll enjoy some optimistic gonks in my house.

Have a happy week!

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