Ever slept with a lama?

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I had a taste of Copenhagen last week. My heartmate surprised me with a wonderful stay at Hotel Fox in the city centre for my birthday. The cool thing about Hotel Fox is that not one single room is the same. We were lucky to stay in the Fertility Shrine, insert chuckle here.

It’s a green world

A dear friend back home was teasing me that I would probably stay in a forest. Be careful what you wish for darling! Little could she know that she wasn’t too far from the truth. The designers from ‘friends with you’ created a whole new green world inside a room including not your everyday animal you normally see in a forest. I mean did you ever sleep with a lama next to your bed? But maybe the biggest surprise was the bottle of champagne, balloons in every colour and the muffins with candles that my love arranged. Ah, what a great start of a new year!

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  1. Ans Kolk schreef:

    Wat een verwennerij en errug lief.

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