I don’t do resolutions

I don’t do resolutions; if only to find out in February that I’m probably unable to stick to them and get a major melt down. No way Jose! So, I’m just leaving it to chance and for now like the feeling of not knowing what 2012 will hold for me: new job, new home, new … Oh, and possibly a dog. Like this one. Including the feel that goes with the picture. Which brings me to the picture above. Nice feeling huh? It all has to do with the fact that we probably won’t have a real winter this year in Amsterdam. That, and because I’m a bit impatient; as soon as New Year’s is behind me, I want Spring to start, today! And with several trees already blooming (hazel-tree) I do have a feeling that Spring is upon us. So, wake up mother E and let me have it. Can’t wait…

PS: I’m afraid my resolution for twenty twelve is being more patient! Thanks for stopping by.

3 reacties op “I don’t do resolutions”

  1. Peter Hutjens schreef:

    ahhhh Berlin, mooie blog! :-)

  2. Ans Kolk schreef:

    Let it be a wonderfull 2012 for the both of you and may all your dreams come true!!!!!
    Love Mom and Dad!

  3. […] te halen middels tulpen en andere soorten bloembollen en plannen maken. Ik doe namelijk niet aan voornemens. Plannen maken klinkt veel leuker en op de een of andere manier word ik er ook wat creatiever door. […]

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