Key to a book

I’m home again and in a state of blues, the Berlin blues that is. But luckily I have all these small gifts to unwrap. And there all mine, mine I say – cue wicked laugh. They’re all sweet reminders of a wonderful stay in Berlin. I have some great findings from several flea markets but I’ll save those for later posts. First I want to share this offbeat book with you. I picked it up at a gift shop in Schöneberg. As I’m a big fan of (vintage) children books illustrations this one immediately caught my eye. It’s made by a group of designers in St. Pauli, Hamburg. That’s where the good stuff comes from! Their shop is called Lockengeloet. Their mission: Finest handmade recycling and redesign. And thank god for that. Carry on lads!

A Hundred Million Francs

A little research shows that this book is a Danish version of French writer Paul Berna’s most famous book Le Cheval sans tête, usually known in English as A Hundred Million Francs. Published in 1958 and the Disney Studios in Britain filmed the book as The Horse Without a Head: The 100,000,000 Franc Train Robbery. Since I can’t open the book, or I’ll have to rack it, I haven’t yet discovered who the illustrator of the book cover is. Meanwhile, my keys and me just enjoy it. Keep you posted.

Have a nice Sunday!

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