Quick quick slow

It’s official; we’re taking up dancing. Ballroom dancing that is. Come a year from now we’re also dancing the rumba, quickstep and waltz at this cool little place we where yesterday. Picture this: city centre Berlin, a beach next to the river Spree surrounded by palm trees (among others), strings of bulb lights in every colour, 22 °C, nice wine, a starry sky, very good music and everybody is dancing. And I mean literally everybody. Men were dancing with men, women with women etc. How cool is that? Okay, I do have to admit it was partly cloudy but still, it was one of those nice sultry summer evenings that could go on forever. And you have to agree, nothing sexier then a man sweeping you off your feet with a good dance. Am I right, or am I right?

I almost forget that the prelude was a play in the adjacent amphitheatre (link for wonderful picture). We watched Molière’s The Hypochondriac. Also very much fun in an amazing setting with some fantastic actors. Apologies for the picture above, I tried my best to capture the atmosphere of this wonderful evening (still saving up for a camera). Hope you like it.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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