The last two weeks have been a rollercoaster on impressions and getting used to being a student again. Not to mention all the medical knowledge I have to get my head around for an upcoming test.
I strongly had the impression that it would be possible to – at least – blog once a week. I’m afraid I have to let go on that one. Sorry for that.

In the Netherlands it’s shitty weather and the realisation that autumn has begun struck us during two days of non-stop rain and consequently water poring into our living room (still have to fix those damn doors). So, it will probably not surprise you that a book with just pictures of one of my favourite cities, San Francisco, lies in reach. On the pictures it’s nice and sunny, no rain at all, and the truth isn’t far off. Hell no, it’s warm enough in SF at the moment to run around naked as you can see in this video. And they say we are a liberal nation, pfffff. But back to the book, written and illustrated by M. Sasek who’s most remembered for his award-winning classic stories on the great cities of the world. I’m sure one of your beloved cities is among them. You won’t see people without clothes in these books, but I’m pretty sure they’re wearing a smile.

Thanks for stopping by!

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