For the ones who know me well, you probably know I’m a sucker for white ceramics. Vases that is, especially the ones from the fifties and sixties. To be even more exact, the biscuit vases from for instant Rosenthal are outright lovely. On my trips to Berlin I scored several and I will show you later. During one of my latest hunts I came across tableware with designs from Monsieur Peynet.
Raymond Peynet is a French illustrator and designer who happened to design for Rosenthal between 1955 and 1965. Turns out, his pieces are among the most collectible. I found some amazing objects with wonderful illustrations on them, but also for amazing prices. I’m no smoker but I couldn’t let this funky cigarette holder pass me by. And I think the squirrel doesn’t mind being on his own in a forest of white vases.

Happy holidays!

6 reacties op “Peynet”

  1. Ans Kolk schreef:

    Lieve Marvin, Wat een mooie foto weer. Het blijkt dat je hier dus weer tijd voor hebt. Gelukkig zou ik zeggen, want dan kunnen anderen ook weer mee genieten!! Liefs, Ma

  2. Peter Hutjens schreef:

    Prachtig! Ik ben trots op je :-)

  3. whiteboxliving schreef:

    Hi Jess, thanks for your comment. Had a peak at your work, like your style. Visit your blog as well.
    Thanks to you, I know about the burning house-project now. Thanks for that!

  4. Sophie schreef:

    Please show us more of your beautiful vases! I’m a vase collector my self. Right now I’m totally in to yellow glass vases from the 60-70’s:)

    Best regards

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