It’s a small world

Okay, I admit it; I’m a lover of miniature worlds. And I’m not going to use this blog post to analyse this extensively. Nor showing you pictures of my huge train collection. Insert chuckle here. I’m probably a hopeless romantic that wants to escape into small worlds now and then. Let’s just leave it at that.
I am, however, going to use this post to introduce to you two artists that have embraced small worlds or miniature worlds in a massive way: Catherine Nelson and Kendal Murray.

Catherine Nelson | Dusk
Catherine Nelson | Frozen
Kendal Murra | Grass
Kendal Murray | Purse

Catherine Nelson and Kendal Murray
Catherine Nelson is a visual artist who uses literally hundreds of photographs that she digitally stitches together to create fantastic miniature worlds. Trained as a painter and with years of experience in the creation of visual effects for feature films like Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter, she now combines the techniques from both these worlds into a new contemporary art medium.

Kendal Murray is from an entire different world. He uses every day objects and turns them into make believe miniature worlds. Grass covered purses or mirrored makeup compacts are transformed into playful or dramatic scenes. His work reminds me very much of a visit I made to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. If you like miniature worlds, this is the place to be. You just have to take the trains for granted.

Have a happy day!

Catherine Nelson & Kendal Murray

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