Introducing my new business card and Fiverr

I’m proud to show you my Whiteboxliving business card. Kinda cool, don’t you think? A young graphic designer in Colombia designed it for me. And here’s where I introduce to you Fiverr. A marketplace for services. Founder Micha Kaufman explains: “What’s unique about Fiverr’s approach is that it is the only mobile marketplace online today that has been able to offer services as a product. It’s not about hiring the freelancers, it’s hiring the service they provide.”

Berlin in Hipstamatic | Photo by Marvin Kolk Balistraat - Amsterdam in Hipstamtatic | Photo by Marvin Kolk Berlin in Hipstamatic | Photo by Marvin Kolk Card Whiteboxliving via Fiverr

A business card design for $10

Checking out several portfolios and reading reviews, a talented designer going by the name of davidazr (on Fiverr) caught my eye. I explained to him my ideas, send him some photographs, my logo and presto: a business card was born. Price: $10. Tip: before ordering, be sure to check out what kind of file you need for your printing office. Besides services for Graphics and Design, you can also visit Fiverr for Online Marketing, Video & Animation and even Music & Audio. Check it out!

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