Biking on Tempelhof

It’s not often you get to ride your bike on a runway of an airport. At former Fluchthaven Tempelhof you can. And we did. Ha! It’s also nice for roller blading, wind skating or playing with kites. How I would have loved to sneak peak the arrivals hall. But alas, that part was surrounded with fences. And I really didn’t feel like climbing over, this time (chuckle). What else to do then to drown our sorrow with a nice cappuccino and some cheesecake at this quirky little café, just two blocks away. And of course, because Mr. P hurt his knee while trying to step of his bike. By the way, he’s okay.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

3 reacties op “Biking on Tempelhof”

  1. Peter Hutjens schreef:

    Mooie foto van moi :-)

  2. whiteboxliving schreef:

    Thanks and you’re welcome!

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