Hair trends for spring 2015

Hair trends for spring 2015 | Photo Marvin Kolk
Hair trends for spring 2015 | Photo Marvin Kolk

Looking at the hair trends for spring 2015, I do get envious sometimes. And we’re talking about hair trends for men, just so you know. I even have recurrent dreams about my new hairdo. Strange, I wonder what that is about? I just turned 45, so it’s way to early for an andropause or hypogonadism as doctors call it. Thank god, I have my beard and sometimes my moustache to trim and curl to the latest trend (insert chuckle here). But seriously gents, stop wearing that ridiculous bun, that’s so 2014. A close-cropped head will be the new trend for autumn 2015. Baldness is the new black under the hairdo’s, mark my words. It’s becoming a fetish before you know it. Even amongst ladies. So, want to stay on top of things? Shave your head and be a trendsetter. I’m telling you. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!

PS: here are some real hair trends for men in 2015

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